Frida was born in Tunisia and grew up in Paris. After graduating from Paris III Sorbonne nouvelle- Censier- with a thesis about the Christic characters in Martin Scorsese’s movies –through a study of religious paintings and fragmented framing – she spends her masters year in NY as an exchange student, focusing mainly on cinematography.


Following her studies, she started working as an electrician, rigging electrician and then Gaffer for a number of  productions in The US going from music videos, commercials, documentaries to television shows and movies.  She worked on projects like "Black Swan", "Blue is the warmest Color" or "Capernaum" to name just a few and was able to work with the most talented cinematographers.

After more than a decade working as a lighting technician and in the camera department, Frida shot her first feature film  in 2015.

She has also been working on a black and white photography project called “fragments of self” which is a collection of body parts and impressions of lights and feelings.


Frida spends her time between New York, Europe and the Middle East.